Getting Around Baltimore

Public Transportation
For a city of its size, Baltimore's public transportation network leaves something to be desired. There are three modes of public transport operated by the Baltimore Metro Transit Authority (MTA). The bus is the widest circulating form of public transit in Boston. The buses will get people anywhere they need to go in Baltimore, but it may require going downtown and making a transfer to get from one area of town to another.

The light rail is great for getting from downtown out to the suburbs. There are free lots for people to park their cars in on the outskirts of Baltimore from which they can catch the light rail into town.

There is also one subway line in Baltimore. It runs from Johns Hopkins Hospital out to the northwest suburbs, but as this line doesn't pass any tourist attractions it is mainly for commuters.

There are daily passes available for a reasonable fee that allow unlimited rides on all three forms of transportation run by the Baltimore MTA.

Charm City Circulator
Funded by parking taxes, the Charm City Circulator is a free bus service run by the city of Baltimore. There are three lines that go from downtown out to various points in the suburbs of the city. These buses are smaller, yet more comfortable than the MTA buses.

Rent a Car
Renting a car is one of the best ways to get around Baltimore. Parking lots are very ample and reasonably priced near all the major tourist attractions, and the city is quite easy to navigate while driving. All the major rental car companies have a presence in Baltimore.

Taxi Cabs
Taxi cabs are plentiful and very safe in Baltimore. They cabs are a bit pricy in the city, however. It is best to try and negotiate a discounted price for any long rides from downtown out to the suburbs. Tipping is expected, and the drivers may be a bit surly if they don't receive one.

Water Taxi
This is a great way to get a nice view of the city while going between popular tourist spots along the harbor. The price is a little high, but it is a really nice experience to be able to look over the city skyline from the deck of the ferry. Be sure to bundle up outside of summer as the temperatures can get a bit chilly out on the water.